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It's hard to be humble when you can jump, stunt, and tumble!

Skills that are executed correctly, safely and with intention take time to gain. Wether you are working to gain a clean cartwheel or stick the landing coming out of a round off, whip, back handspring, full practice is what it will take to gain the skills. Our classes are taught by skilled instructors on multiple days of the week. See pricing and scheduling below.


Classes Offered at CAO South

  • Beginner Classes

  • This class covers level 1 and level  2 tumble skills and drills. Included skills are forward roll, single leg bridge lift, backbend, backbend kickover, front & back limber, back extension roll, front & back walkover, cartwheel, round off, valdez, back handspring and the connections of these skills.

  • Intermediate/Advance Classes 

    • This class covers Level 3 and up, standing 2 back handsprings rebound, round off 2 back, handsprings rebound, round off back handspring “High” Rebound, front handspring, standing tuck, punch front, running layout and more. 

  • Jump Class 

    • This class will work on the athlete's  Flexibility, Motions, Technique and Strength to build better jumps with great height and excellent form! This class will work diligently on extensions, stretching, power and jump lines. This class is not included in full season tuition.

  • Tumble Tots 

    • Toddlers love to tumble too! This tumble class is ideal for athletes ages 3 - 5 years old. They will learn the basics of stretching and tumbling from one of our tumbling instructors in an environment  created just for them. All participants must be potty trained and able to use the restroom on their own. 

  • Level Tumbling  *For Full Season Allstars 

    • These tumbling classes are divided by level to give 45 mins of specific attention to the skills only assigned to each particular level, Level 1 (11am), Level 2 (12pm), Level 3 &4 (1pm) and Level 5 & 6 (2pm).

  • Open Gym

    • This class is just that an open gym. Participants will have access the spring floor and tumble track to work on their tumbling skills. This class is self led and there will not be led by an instructor. Coaches will be in attendance to the class to oversee and ensure there are no injuries.  Since this is not a structured class it is not recommended for athletes under the age of 8 years old. 

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